Associated Media

Online & Offline Sales and Multi-channel Promotion

Jointly with more than 30 industry associations and more than 50 trade media, we use resources on line and off line, promote the exhibition through the website, WeChat, EDM, magazines, TV stations, outdoor advertising, professional network promotion platforms and other channels. And we send the exhibition news to industry users regularly and accurately through EDM, SMS, telemarketing, etc.

We launch totally 1.5 million exhibition materials in a year, including brochures, leaflets, posters, handbags and tickets. We participate in various market promotion activities all the year round, such as intra-industry exhibitions and new technologies & new products launches, and invite industry buyers. Through big data marketing programs, we deeply explore and analyze the audience of the exhibition, and make direct contact by integrating online and offline channel resources, so as to radiate industry users more accurately and flexibly.

Jointly with industrial parks and science parks in South China, East China and other regions in an all-round way, we invite semiconductor design, manufacturing and OEM enterprises, semiconductor packaging & testing factories, wafer manufacturers, silicon chip manufacturers, 5G communication manufacturers, computer manufacturers, communication manufacturers, home appliances & consumer electronics manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, IoT enterprises, high-end equipment manufacturers, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, robot manufacturers, UAV manufacturers, aviation & navigation enterprises, shipyards, military electronics manufacturers, rail enterprises, transportation enterprises, new energy manufacturers, etc. The sponsors will arrange 300 buses to shuttle through Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other core areas of South China free of charge.